Your First Appointment

Going to Hypnotherapy for the first time can cause uncertainty of what to expect. Ilah understands this and provides a breakdown of her sessions. Below, you will find more information about her hypnotherapy sessions in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California.

Take the First Step Towards Lasting Change

Mar Vista Hypnotherapy offers Hypnotherapy for behavioral change in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California. A regular first session with Ilah will last an hour and a half. During your session, she will:

Find out why you want Hypnotherapy and address immediate concerns

Explain what Hypnotherapy is (and what it is not) to help you understand how your subconscious mind affects the changes you desire

Draft a detailed treatment plan customized for your needs

Have you take an assessment test to learn how you take in information

Ilah provides a safe environment for each client. You will have full control over the entire process. You will always be aware and alert, so you can pause the session at any time. Once your session is over, Ilah will give you a recording of the hypnosis for daily reinforcement.

Find out how Hypnotherapy for behavioral change can improve your life in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California. Call now for your free 20-minute consultation.

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Feel Free to Come Back Any Time

Ilah is happy to meet with you as often as needed. Each subsequent session is a clinical hour (50 minutes). Ilah starts and ends her sessions on time. During these sessions, you can discuss any issues with her and reinforce your positive behavioral changes. Hypnotic portions of subsequent sessions are also provided for daily reinforcement.

Call now to learn more about Ilah’s follow-up Hypnotherapy sessions in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California.