You can be smoke free!

If you think that quitting smoking cold turkey is impossible, think again. You can give up smoking after just one session at Mar Vista Hypnotherapy. Think that this is too good to be true? Make an appointment for Smoking Cessation therapy in the West Los Angeles or Tarzana, CA area to find out.

During your first session, Ilah will meet with you for two hours to explain the hypnotherapy process and learn about your goals. She can design your sessions around when you actually want to stop smoking. When you are ready to quit, she will give you positive suggestions to help you become smoke-free.

Once your session is over, Ilah will give you a recording of the hypnotic portion so that you can listen to it for daily reinforcement. Call not to learn more about hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation in West Los Angeles or Tarzana, California.

smoke free life

What Happens After Your First Appointment?

After your initial appointment, Ilah strongly recommends two follow-up Smoking Cessation therapy sessions to remove any triggers that surface between sessions. Ilah suggests scheduling follow-up sessions a week after your first appointment and again three weeks later. She will address any triggers you have and eliminate them through hypnosis.

Enjoy living a smoke-free lifestyle. You can learn more about hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation by contacting Mar Vista Hypnotherapy in the West Los Angeles area or Tarzana, California area today.