Pain Management Therapy

Do not let pain and discomfort stop you from living your best life. Visit Mar Vista Hypnotherapy to learn how to ease your aches. Ilah provides hypnotherapy for pain management in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California. She has helped many clients suffering from all kinds of autoimmune diseases, including lupus and fibromyalgia. She can also ease the discomfort of cancer and cancer treatments, tinnitus, multiple sclerosis, phantom limb pain, back pain, and many other sources of chronic pain. You can trust her to tailor her sessions to meet your needs so that you can experience relief.

Call now to make an appointment for Hypnotherapy for your chronic pain in West Los Angeles or Tarzana, California. Some cases may require a healthcare professional’s referral.

Some of the Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Ilah is a Certified Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, also known as “tapping.” EFT evolved from a practice that integrates the Chinese Meridian System, Ilah will teach you the specific methods used to continue your pain relief treatment at home. This is a proven technique that will help you to:

Reduce chronic physical and mental stress

Ease muscular tension and joint pain

Reduce inflammation

Increase your energy and reduce fatigue

Improve your focus and range of motion

Ilah uses a pain scale for her Hypnotherapy for chronic pain sessions in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, California. She will do everything possible to help eliminate your pain and discomfort so you can live your most excellent life to the fullest.

Reach out to Ilah today to learn more about her Hypnotherapy for pain management sessions in the West Los Angeles area and in Tarzana, California.